Jan 122015

Welcome! The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild is creating a place for modern quilters to connect and create. The Ventura Modern Quilt Guild was founded in January 2012 and is a branch guild of The Modern Quilt Guild. Members and interested non-members are welcome to attend our Guild meetings.

Find out more about us at our About Us page. Scroll down this page to see the latest news and events!

Jun 132019

QuiltCon 2020 Charity Quilt Challenge

Theme: Text

The 2020 design theme is text.  Quilts incorporating text have been popular in the modern quilt movement right from the start.  Krista Hennebury’s quilt, “Fly Blackbird Fly” (pieced with Denyse Schmitt’s letters) won a prize at QuiltCon 2012.  Most recently, at QuiltCon 2019, there were a number of quilts exhibited using words.  There was the powerful, “Where are all the black women?” quilt by Jessica Wohl.  Berene Campbell’s colorful quilts “Brave Brilliant Beautiful Badass” was eye catching as you turned the corner.  Bill Stearman exhibited a moving quilt that read “We were wrong. We are sorry. And we will never let this happen again.”  And, of course, Chawne Kimber can always be counted on to have a recent text quilt.  One of her recent quilts “not showing proper deference to wypipo”, also hung at QuiltCon.

There are many alphabet patterns available or you could work improvisationally.  Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill released a set of EPP letters called Typecast at QuiltCon. Jen Carlton-Bailly has designed a set of letters using curved piecing called Curfont. Stitch Your Story, a new release by Sarah Fielke, includes 6 alphabets.  There are no restrictions on technique.  

VMQG Specific Instructions

For our quilt we would like the guild members to make blocks that have a single word or short phrase.  These blocks can be made using piecing, applique or pen and ink.  Blocks should be squares or rectangles.  Any of the colors shown in the color palette below may be used, but you do not need to use all the colors.  Please do not use fabrics with colors outside of the color palette.  Solids and prints can be used.

VMQG Theme – “The Spirit of Giving”

Why do we give quilts?  Last year we gave over 1,200 quilts away through our Thomas Fire Quilt Project.  We also gave out over a dozen quilts to those affected by the Borderline shooting.  This year we are planning to give 50 baby quilts to Ventura County Public Health.  Part of our mission as a guild is to give back to our community.  

Words for your blocks should express what making and giving quilts away means to you and our guild.  Make as many word blocks as you want.  Duplicate words are allowed.

Blocks are due by the September meeting but can be turned in earlier.


Questions – Contact Karen ([email protected]) or Sarah ([email protected])


Color Palette

This palette is unique and more restrictive this year to coordinate with the text theme by using shades of gray, white, and black.

Also, you do not need to use the specific fabrics listed by the manufacturers below, but seeking out some of these solids might help you pin down the color palette.


Coordinating Solids from QuiltCon Sponsors

Please note the colors listed below are approximate and may not match exactly to the color palette above. Feel free to use your best judgement when matching color palettes.

Painter’s Palette Solids by Paintbrush Studio

  • 000 White
  • 016-Silver
  • 172-Pewter
  • 014-Grey
  • 090-Smoke
  • 004 Ebony

Michael Miller Cotton Couture Solids

  • Bright White
  • Moon
  • Wind
  • Stone
  • Pewter
  • Black

Moda Bella                       Solids

  • 098- Feather White
  • 127 Feather
  • 185 Zen Grey
  • 322 Dovetail
  • 202 Graphite
  • 099 Black
May 222019

Presented by:

 Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

10 am-3pm


Five Ventura Home Studio Locations

Join the fun!  

See beautiful quilts made by

VMQG members.

Tasty Foods, Laughter, Games,

Make & Take & More


Local Guild Members, Family and Friends Welcome

$20 per participant

Contact: Kim Halamicek at [email protected]

Tickets also available from members at

superbuzzy, E 1794 Main St, Ventura

during the Central Coast Quilt Shop Tour, May 31-June 2.

Questions? Press the “Contact Us” button above


Apr 012019

All meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month, 482 E Santa Clara St, Ventura. Door code from a member at the door. Visitors are very welcome!

What’s Happening


BUT first…..

July 7 is the Jean Impey Workshop (sewjean.com) at the Ventura Marriot, 10-4.  Tickets are still available for the Radiant Stars workshop. Contact Tisha:[email protected] for more info and to reserve a seat at the workshop.

Jean Impey will also do a trunk show at the general meeting on July 8.


Special Raffle tonight: Christmas in July.  Goes with that RED fat quarter.

Challenge is to make something to swap with the pineapple block. Pattern is on the Challenges tab above.

BOM is now up on the Challenges tab also.

Quilt Con 2020 Charity Quilt info on its own tab above.  If you bring your block to the July meeting you will be in a special raffle for a gift from the 2020m Quilt Con Charity Quilt VMQG organizers, Sarah and Karen.

More to follow. Stay tuned/


JUNE 10 Meeting

This month we are having a Casino Night complete with a craps table and real croupier, Fabric Strip Poker (well, actually Charm Squares Poker, but “strip” poker sounds so much more exciting, right?), and Black Jack.  Bring a pile of modern Charm Squares.  40 or so should be good. One Charm Square pack usually has 42. 

Here’s the exciting part: Kim asked us to wear our best “casino attire”.  Fancy Hats? Yes! Mile high Monolo Blahniks? Of course! Get out that slinky red lame’ dress you’re saving for a special occasion. Kim promised to come as a Vegas Show Girl.  Honest.  You will go home with  a bunch of modern charm squares and the secure knowledge that what happens at VQMG, stays at VMQG.

Special guest this month are representatives from Ventura County Public Health. They will be here to pick up 19  Philanthropy baby quilts. Some of them are darn cute. Yay!

June Challenge: Last meeting you got an envelope with a magazine photo cutout (we will wait a few moments while you run about trying to remember where you put that darn thing). This photo is to be your inspiration to make something modern and quilted. No problem, right?

We will have some minor changes to the By Laws for your consideration. Just so you know Ventura MQG Board meetings are not all fun and games, we work on serious stuff.

FQ color is GREEN. Open to much interpretation. 

Refreshments: Bring your favorite “casino” snacks.  What are casino snacks exactly? No clue. Can’t wait to find out.

Don’t forget your Pizza Box for the swap. Just a couple of months to go til the big reveal….

Hoffman Tour: June 14. We are carpooling and meeting at the Hoffman facility in Mission Viejo at 10 am SHARP. We need more people to sign up for the FREE TOUR as Hoffman has minimum number to conduct their tour. Call your friends!

Progressive Brunch News: A few tickets still available. 

Wanna make a yummy goodie for the brunch part? Talk to Kim. 

Wanna have your lovely modern quilt hanging in the show? Talk to Kim. We really want to show as many members’ quilts as we can, so don’t be shy. 

Want to help out at one of the homes? (No heavy lifting, I promise), Talk to Kim. 

Please note if you are mobility challenged: Some of the houses have a few steps.

May 13 Meeting

What’s Happening

Program: Janna Bailey is going to teach us her method of paper piecing the Challenge Flower Block.You can visit her blog at:  http://thequiltingco.blogspot.com

Fat Quarter: Coral. You know, not exactly pink, not actually peach.

April Challenge:  Flower Block for the Philanthropy project. Donate your blocks to the baby quilts Philanthropy project if you wish..

BOM Challenge: is posted on the Challenges 2019 tab above. June is posted also, so you can get a head start if you want.

May Sew-In: May 11, 10-3 at Grace Lutheran. Type “flower” in the search box above right  and presto! the pattern appears!

Refreshments: You know you eat at the break, so bring something to share. We will all strive to make sure you don’t have to take any left overs home.

Pizza Box Challenge: Bring the box with the cool things you did in April to give to the next person. I peeked at a box the other day and the blocks are AMAZING. VMQG Pizza Box Challenge quilters are stepping the plate and hitting it out of the park. Sorry, it’s spring and baseball analogies are floating in the air with the pollen

Hoffman Tour: June 14 tour to Costa Mesa is back on. If you can do the driving for a carpool, be sure to say so at this meeting.

Get your tickets to the June 22 Progressive Brunch and Tour of Quilters’ Studios event. $20 per participant. Can you lend us a MODERN quilt to display at one of the homes? Can you volunteer to help out at one of the homes? Can you bring some brunch-ish goodies? All participation is greatly appreciated.

Bring your $10 if you want to sign up for the ValleyMQG/VenturaMQG combined Sew In on May 18 in Tarzana. Spaces still available. If you have signed up but not paid yet, please bring your $$ to the meeting.

Show and Tell: in honor of the incomparable quilter Gwen Marston, who passed away this past month, if you have a Gwen-Inspired quilt, please bring it to Show and Tell.

Special Guest: Anna, from Cattywampus Crafts in Ojai will have a pop up shop at the May meeting and she will donate 10% of her earnings to VMQG. She also said we could have our Philanthropy Sew-In in August at her shop in Ojai!


April 8 Meeting

What’s Happening

Program: Ethnic quilting mini trunks show. Do you have something to show? Bring it!

Fat Quarter: Yellow

April Challenge:  Unconventional Materials, paper, leather, recycled textiles, whatever your creative mind has dreamed up. If you want, this can go into the front window display at the Refill Shoppe downtown Ventura. good exposure for Ventura MQG, and you too!

BOM Challenge is posted on the Challenges 2019 tab above. May is posted also, so you can get a head start if you want.

May Sew-In: New flower pattern for the Philanthropy project. Cute, and paper pieced (someone say Yay!). Instructions and photo can be found by typing “flower” in the search box above, at the right.

Refreshments: Bring some.

Pizza Box Challenge: Bring the box with the cool things you did in March to give to the next person.

Hoffman Tour: June 14 tour has been put on hold. Stay tuned

Get your tickets to the June 22 Progressive Brunch and Tour of Quilters’ Studios event. $20 per participant.

Bring your $10 if you want to sign up for the ValleyMQG/VenturaMQG combined Sew In on May 18 in Tarzana.


Jan 182019

What’s Happening

Programs: More than one this month! Grant House will be here to show us how to maintain our sewing machines in perfect order. Hope he tells me how to get the dust bunnies out of mine. I could knit a sweater from the lint in there….

Those lucky enough to go to Quilt Con in Nashville will be showing us their photos, giving us their review of the show and Sarah W said she is taking lots of classes, so maybe she will show us her class projects. Hope so.

We are going to have a mini Trunks Show of ethnic quilting techniques.  If you do some interesting ethnic techniques, please show us.  Contact Kim ([email protected]) if you want to share and she can add your photos to the program also.

Challenges: Use the 2019 Colors of the Year, Kona Splash! or Pantone Living Coral to make a block, or anything of your choice. Maybe the February BOM? The pattern can be found above at the 2019 Challenges tab.

BOM: Sew Momma, Sew Block instructions are on the Challenges 2019 Tab. Tisha is making her examples in both modern prints and solids, in keeping with Ventura MQG Year of Solids.

Pizza Box Swap: Don’t forget to DO it and then BRING IT to the meeting. If you can’t  bring it, please contact Maria to work out your swap ([email protected])

Fat Quarter: Sue N. chose TEAL….looks pretty close to Kona Splash! to me…..

Refreshments: Still no Hospitality chair (oh, come on, somebody step up!) This month bring ethnic food to share. Is pizza ethnic? And bring napkins, please since we don’t have a Hospitality chair.

Show and Tell: of course!


February 11, 2019 Meeting

What’s happening

                  GUEST SPEAKER: Dora Cary of Orange Dot Quilts (https://www.orangedotquilts.com)Challenge: Tisha has started us on a Block of the Month (BOM) challenge. Patterns will be available at each meeting and on the Resources/Tutorials/Challenge tab above.  Bring your block to Show and Tell!

Pizza Box Swap:  Contact Maria at: [email protected] She may have a space or two open. She will email the Swap criteria to you.

Fat Quarter Drawing: Red, inspired no doubt by Valentines’s Day. Or a recent rotary cutter injury.

Nametags: Make a modern nametag if you are a new member (welcome, by the way) or just make a new one, cause we know you have more creativity in you just bursting to get out….

Membership Dues: If you haven’t paid your dues by our February meeting, you will be dropped off the MQG rolls and not have access to all the cool stuff membership provides you.

Refreshments: It seems nobody  wants the honor of being hostess for 2019. It  just takes bringing the box of plates, napkins and water pitchers to each meeting, but until someone steps up, you will just have to bring a bottle of water and go hungry. If you do bring something to eat (we will all be your best friends at that point), bring napkins, please.

Philanthropy Sew In: Actually it’s BEFORE the meeting, on Saturday February 9 at Grace Lutheran Church. Set up is a 9:30, sewing 10-2. Bring your usual machine + sewing kit, cutting boards, rulers and rotary cutters…and the extension cord you keep meaning to put in that kit. The guild has irons and boards. The  project is small quilts for the Ventura County Public Health Nurses home visitation quarterly moms and babies massage classes. Bring some appropriate fabric (quilts should be 36 x 40ish).  Patrice will have some patterns to share.

Show and Tell: The usual amazing creations you have made recently to inspire us……I keep saying Show and Tell is the only reason some of us come to meetings. Not me of course, but you know…

Dec 242018

What’s happening: New Board takes over their duties

  • Challenge: We don’t actually have one for this meeting.
  • Fat Quarter Drawing: Pink (inspired by the raffle ticket color)
  • Refreshments: Seems to be working well to not have anyone sign up and goodies just magically appear. Don’t mess that up! Be a part of the magic.
  • Membership is renewed this month. Bring your dues for 2019. $50 cash or check.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Show and Tell Did you get something quilty and wonderful for Christmas? Did you have time over the holidays to MAKE something quilty and wonderful? Bring it on!
  • Thomas Fire There are still a few still in the binding stage, so get those in, please.
  • $$ for the Raffle. 

Did you have a chance to go to the Agriculture Museum in Santa Paula yet? The Thomas Fire Quilt exhibit is FABULOUS.  This exhibit closes February 3, so get yourself and some friends over there.

Nov 162018

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your concern for our neighbors displaced by the Woolsey Fire in Malibu and the Camp Fire in northern CA.  The Ventura MQG will not be spearheading a quilt relief project for the survivors of this fire, but individual members will be participating in two projects (and perhaps more to come) to bring some quilty comfort to our neighbors.

Please note I have copied the following from two Instagram/Facebook postings. Please DO NOT contact Ventura MQG regarding these projects, and DO NOT send quilts for this project to us.

Information on two current projects:

…from Sewing Arts  Facebook page:


Today’s Daily Delivery….First and foremost our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the recent fires. We here at Sewing Arts would like to help those who have been affected and let them know that we as a community care and wish to help. If you would be willing to help, come to the store, pick out any precut (jelly roll or layer cake) buy it for 50% off. Then, go make a quilt top, the top must be a crib size or larger. Bring back the finished top back by December 31. We will finish the quilts (batting, backing and quilting) and donate them to the victims of the fires. You must use the precut that you purchased and we will have a stack of free patterns for inspiration.
As a thank you for your participation in this effort you can pick out ANY jelly roll or layer cake of your choice FREE when you bring the quilt top back for us to finish and donate. . www.SewingArts.com

From Robert Kaufman Fabrics…

If you are not local to Southern California and want to contribute, Robert Kaufman is running a quilt drive from now through the end of the year. If you send a finished quilt (baby/throw or larger) to:
Robert Kaufman, attn: Elisabeth Hardy, 129 W. 132nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90061 and include your name and address with the quilt, we will send you a thank you gift, and will make sure the quilts get into the hands of those who are affected by these fires. #quiltsforCA ,  @robertkaufmanfabrics


Georganna Hawley

Ventura MQG Communications

Nov 152018

What’s happening:  The HOLIDAY PARTY!

  • Challenge: Bring a wrapped gift to exchange. Limit $15.  Handcrafted, quilt related gifts make for very happy recipients……..
  • Fat Quarter Drawing: BLUE
  • Refreshments: This is our annual potluck, so veggies and main dishes are a big hit.  We also usually have a good turnout, so count of 40 or more members attending! Of course, that is not to say desserts aren’t welcome……
  • We will have at least two fun games, so bring 3-4 nice fat quarters. Unwrapped of course. You are guaranteed to go home with some, cause we are all winners at Ventura MQG!

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Show and Tell so we can see what you’ve been up to. Got your Quilt Con Swap mini done? We want to see it! Christmas gifts? We want to see those too before they are given away!
  • Thomas Fire items you completed this month if you did not drop them off at superbuzzy. Bring all quilted or bound quilts. We have outstanding requests.
  • $$ for the Raffle. The last Cricut Machine will be our featured raffle item
Oct 172018
Oct 172018

Meeting at 6:00-8:00 pm, November 12, 2018, 482 E Santa Clara, Ventura

Door Code: Contact a member to let you in. Don’t give the number out to non-members, please.

What’s happening:

  • 2019 Board Election: We will have the election first. Still some Committee Chair positions available.
  • Program: Members’ Table Top Sale! Members rent a table ($10) and sell hand crafted and quilt related items-fabric, notions, crafting books, quilt tops, finished quilts.  All proceeds go to the seller. Such the deal! Want to have a table? Email Tisha at [email protected] to reserve one.
  • Thomas Fire Quilt Project: Update.  Bring back any finished quilts you took for binding or quilting last month.
  • Challenge: No challenge this month.
  • Fat Quarter Drawing: Red
  • Refreshments: Bring a snack to share. Snacks are a bit hit with this group so bring it on!

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Show and Tell so we can see what you’ve been up to.  If you are one of the lucky people to have gone to the Violet Craft Ventura MQG Saturday workshop or the one at superbuzzy on Sunday, bring your work from that too, finished or not.
  • Thomas Fire items you completed this month .Bring all quilted or bound quits. We have outstanding requests!
  • $$ for the Raffle and Sales Tables.
  • Opportunity Quilt blocks…and bring back any left over selvage. Info on Sew Ins to work on the next stage will be forthcoming.